This is a below poverty level area in the city of Tampa, where many families

struggle due to lack of job opportunities and lack of education.  The schools in this

area are rated C&F by the State of Florida. The lack of available tutors and mentors

to help struggling students do well on the State tests is a major concern.

A majority of the parents work at night, many young children are left home by

themselves in neighborhoods where there is  little to no supervision or security.

We are accepting contributions to open up a day care and after-school care

facilities, that can house  tutoring and mentoring programs, as well as summer

camp. This will take the pressure off the  parents who are classified as the "working

poor" and desperate to educate their children.

Our Programs

We  provide services to the North Tampa Area. Donations are welcome. We are

focusing on education within the family as the beginning of change. Self-worth is the

first step towards the path to a better life.

Our goals include sponsoring a resource center for the community. We provide

financial support on a monthly basis. Shelter when needed.

We are asking for a one-time or continuing monetary contribution to help us meet

the needs of the North Tampa Area. Your donation is tax-deductible ; a receipt will

be mailed to you within 30 days. For more information, please contact Minister

Sherry Farley in writing at Tampa Bay Outreach Ministry, 1417 East Holland Street

, FL 33612 or via email at Thank you in advance for your

support and generosity.

Our Program

  • Community Service
  • Share Food Program​
  • Computer Classes
  • Spanish Classes
  • Math Classes
  • Mentor Program

 Ministry of Spirit and Truth International